ICG Websites.

Provide your business with an online presence on the internet with ICG.

Why GET online

Here are a few reasons why a website might be good fit for your business

The internet serves as an open and accessible communication platform, and a website facilitates that platform. The web today utilizes various standards that allows all the devices people interact with communicate affordably and easily with eachother. A website itself harnesses a large portion of those standards through HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript

There are a variety of reasons to have a website for your business. We list some of those reasons here, from the most basic, to some reasons you might not even be aware of.

  • Sharing Basic Business Information. Phone Number, Address, Hours of Operation, and Email. All legitimate businesses should provide a means to communciate with them, and those who offer that information publicly become accessible to existing and prospective clients, employees, partners, and investors alike. These small pieces of information are not only the most saught after information from people - but robots from listings servies alike.
  • Accurate and Useful Information.
  • Inventory and Databasing
  • Sales and Marketing.
  • Multi-user computing systems.
Remember ICG provides basic consultation for prospective and serious clients for free. If you can identify yourself needing any one of the above services, do not hesitate to contact us.